Managed Services

Having your database services managed by database experts can be very advantageous.  But as we often hear, good DBAs are hard to find.  And hiring one can be quite expensive.  For those who can’t acquire top database talent, this means other team members are trusted to understand the complexities of their database systems.  Another option is to join our managed services team.

Monitoring and Graphing

There’s a lot of database monitoring options out there.  Luckily we have experience with most of them.  By working with us, we can help you pick the best monitoring system for your needs.

  • Nagios + Cacti
  • Grafana | Prometheus
  • MySQL Enterprise Monitor
  • Monyog


It has been said that you don’t really have backups if you’ve never used your backups.  We’ve been thru the process of disaster recovery and understand the importance of routine testing of your backups.  Our managed services team can work with you to develop your own bulletproof backup and recovery plan.

  • XtraBackup
  • Enterrpise Backup
  • MySQLDump
  • MyDumper

Checkup and Strategy Meetings

We take a team approach to our managed services.  Part of this approach includes checkup and strategy meetings.  This helps ensure that our goals are aligned with that of our clients.

Consultative Support

One of the greatest benefits of working with us is the access to our database experts.  From questions about best practices to code reviews, we consider ourselves part of your team and are here to help.