About Us

Most people know how important an organization’s data is. From an integrity standpoint, what is the data worth if it can’t be trusted? And even if you can guarantee integrity, what if your database is so slow that nobody waits around for it?

Database expertise isn’t easy to come by. Many organizations don’t have the option of starting a project with a real DBA. We at Bravo DS have seen this first hand. From performance degradation to security vulnerabilities, we’ve seen things that you wouldn’t believe. Most of these problems are caused because the person performing the task is working outside of their domain.

At Bravo DS, data is our passion. Through many years of experience and community involvement, we’ve become very good at working with data. Our engineers are dedicated to continual learning and hold various certifications. By pooling our resources, we’re able to provide expert level data services to all sized organizations.


Bravo DS, LLC
One North Plaza Place
5 Revere Drive
Suite 200
Northbrook, IL  60062-150